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Welcome to ComeUnity!


Many of you photographers have been part of the #BlumeEDU community with us from the start. Thank you! We started our newsletter for two simple purposes:
1) To stay in touch with you, friends we’ve made at events across the country; and
2) To give back, sharing “golden nuggets” of our success, to help you succeed and find work-life balance, too.

It has always been about community!

If you aren’t part of our community yet, join us here. But first, read what comes next! Then you can really be stoked about it!

The BlumeEDU community — with very little effort on our part — has somehow grown beyond our expectations. It has taken on a life of its own! Many of you have told us, it may be because our shared perspective is needed and refreshing within the photo industry: the idea that photography should serve your LIFE, not rob you of it. We’re so happy that strikes a chord with you, too!


The Future and you…

So.. although today is the last time you will see our familiar silhouettes in the banner atop our periodic newsletter, it is by no means the end of our relationship to you, our subscribers and friends. In fact, today marks the start of a much better, more interactive relationship to benefit you! Our BlumeEDU community has evolved into something bigger than ourselves. So our focus is turning away from us and more toward ComeUnity!

What is ComeUnity? The easiest way to answer that: “Come Unity” is the cry of our hearts.

Logo for ComeUnity photographers workshops

ComeUnity’s first ever three-day, in-person workshop is now OFFICIAL. It’s happening September 18-21, 2016. And you should be there! Only 12 seats are available and will sell out fast. Registration opens to you, our newsletter members, first on Monday, April 4, with special early-bird pricing before we go public. But..


More than the Workshop!

But ComeUnity is more than the workshop, as wonderful as that will be. And the ComeUnity movement is where we want to be sure every single one of you has the chance to get involved and grow!

As members of ComeUnity, all of us here are Unifiers. We’re unifying our art, our businesses, and our lives together in a healthier way. And the result for you will be:
1. You can achieve more lasting, meaningful success!
2. You can impact your family and community in even stronger ways!


How exactly will ComeUnity affect your life soon?…

1. We’re bringing real ComeUnity small groups to your community right now. Contact us here to find out how to join your local chapter, or to lead one!

2. We’re featuring your work on our new and growing Instagram account. Just mention @come_unity in a comment on your favorite Instagram posts, and we’ll help spread the word about you and your work! #UnifiersUnite

3. Want free, honest critiques of your photography? Be bold! Email an image (one at a time) to We will respond with personal critiques to as many entries as possible, plus feature many critiques in newsletters to educate the entire community!

4. An interactive social community, work opportunities, and even more exciting features we can’t wait to share…!!


A Series of Flights. An Emotional Roller Coaster.

This month, a series of flights reminded us to focus on what matters most. We flew home from WPPI, then flew out again for an unexpected funeral. We’re flying home as I write this to present on the TEDx stage, and we are packing for our next flights to ShutterFest and then China, where we will at last pick up our newly adopted son.

Our personal lives and work don’t fall into neatly compartmentalized boxes. Though we all love photography, hundreds of you have confided in us that your art has become “work.” The pressure of work sadly begins to rob you of joy and the precious time with your family.

We’re excited to serve you better in all these exciting ways. It’s entirely a labor of love! Tons of you have reached out to us personally over time, allowing us to put faces to numbers. That humbles us, and it’s why we’re stepping it up to do even more for you!

Welcome to ComeUnity!

In Unity,
Phillip & Eileen Blume

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